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HAPPY 2023! 

We are looking forward to another exciting year of growth through the performing arts! Thank you for reading this information for new and returning performers!

After reading, you will be asked to please confirm through email that you will be returning or joining The Big Dreams Project. We appreciate you for your consideration of our programs and professional training! We are so excited to train and teach our performers this year, our 20th anniversary year!

Training classes

We will continue to offer excellence in acting, dance, vocal music, social, emotional, spiritual and leadership skills. We have trained professionals on our staff and schedule this year, like never before! We are excited about our youth maturing through the arts in 2023. 


This year,  we will offer opportunities for performances where parents will really get to see amazing growth in your children’s gifts and talents. It is our goal that every child will work on their craft so that by the end of the year, their growth will be undeniable! 

NEW and RETURNING PARENT EXPECTATIONS and Performer requirements: 

Parents please take note of our our NEW requirements and expectations. In an effort to keep our organization thriving and moving in a positive direction for our children, as of January 1, 2023, there will be no exceptions for the following expectations. Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. There will be no full scholarships for The Big Dreams Project in 2023. All parents are required to make weekly payments. The date of your weekly payment is every Friday before the week of classes. There will be no exceptions. If you miss two payments, your child(ren) cannot return to The Big Dreams Project until all payments have been caught up. You will receive a cash app reminder and/or weekly invoice to remind you to make your payment. We have the responsibilty to pay our instructors, building usage fees, costume fees and other expenses. Thank you for your cooperation this year. Thank you for making your payments and making them on time. It is our desire to leave no child behind. 
  2. We are officially asking parents to please check in with us if children are having difficulties or challenges at home or school that will result in absenteeism or tardiness. Our goal is to also  be a village that supports parenting and encourages children to make better choices. We are asking parents to please consider  not using The Big Dreams Project as a consequence or punishment by not allowing your children to come to classes/rehearsals or taking them out of the program. Keep us informed please when they may need encouragement to make better choices. Also when your children are absent, they could very well be missing out on valuable learning experiences that may help you in areas where you may need help encouraging them to make better choices.  Also, your child is a part of an ensemble, A TEAM. It is not fair to the ensemble if your child is habitually late/absent especially after being given parts and responsibilities. We are asking our parents to consider using other methods of consequences and not Big Dreams. Think of us the way you would a sports team. If your child was missing, how would it effect the team? Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will result in dismissal from The Big Dreams Project.  Thank you for your consideration. 
  3. Please make sure that your child has a Big Dreams Project backpack that is always prepared with Jazz dance shoes, a Big Dreams Tshirt or a solid color T-shirt, black leggings for girls or black sweatpants or black shorts for boys. Class/rehearsal uniform is mandatory. No other shirts or clothing are acceptable.
  4. Performers are always welcome and asked to bring water, water bottles. For classes/rehearsals that last for more than two hours, please bring snacks and/or whole lunches. Performers are never allowed to leave the building to get food at the nearby carry outs. No DoorDash’s or Uber eats are allowed. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for being on time for classes/rehearsals. Punctuality is at the top of our list of important standards. We want our performers to learn the value of being on time, the value of communication, texting,  if they have emergencies or things happen beyond their control. Please report on time and please pick up on time. On occasion, our classes/rehearsals may run overtime due to circumstances in working with an ensemble. If we do go overtime, we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to let you know that we are over time, via text. If your child cannot stay overtime because you are on a tight schedule please text back and let us know. Please let us know as early as possible if your child must be picked up early on a particular day or must leave right on time. Thank you. 
  6. We have had youth who have trained with us consistently for over 6 years! These performers receive the best results for growth in their craft, lifelong friendships and the importance of commitment and consistency. We are asking all parents for at least a yearly commitment or more to The Big Dreams Project Performing Arts Ensemble Training Program. All performers will be evaluated throughout the year and those who are advancing will  be moved to our advanced performance and leadership group: Moore Arts Movement Theater Company. 
  7. It is our expectation that every performer is respectful to instructors and peer leaders. If at any time performers are disrespectful, not listening, not in the mood, sick, we reserve the right to contact parents and ask you to come as soon as possible to pick up the performer. Our goal is to provide a safe, respectful, and loving teaching environment. Thank you for your cooperation. 

THIS YEAR we are working toward:

*Focusing on the total performer as a positive, contributor to society, the community and culture. We are focusing more on doing inner work regarding character building and values education. We want grounded, secure performers on and off stage. 

*Finishing another feature film: The Pebble In My Shoe

* Other featured performing arts    opportunities that will arise.

*Monthly fundraisers for upcoming travel. 

* Our annual Black history production

* Our first African American classic on stage production: A Raisin in the Sun. 

* Summer 2023 traveling performances.

* Our 20th year anniversary travel performances in Senegal Africa, December 2023


Now that you have read our Focus, requirements and expectations for 2023, please email: TheBigDreamsProject@gmail.com 

Please reply by January 16, 2023 

Let us know: I am interested in fees and other info to enroll my child! 

2023 CLASSES START Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday  Jan 17, Saturday Classes Start, Jan 21, 2023 and some Sundays as scheduled. 

Performers are required to attend: *Saturday classes 10am-3pm or 5pm (some May end earlier), 

*Some Sundays classes as scheduled, 

*Weekday classes, 4 PM to 6 PM if possible.

Thank you for choosing 


Consumed by the call to serve, 

Anthony & Selentia Moore 


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The Big Dreams Project Ensemble

Moore Arts Movement Theater Company

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